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APS also known as Alleppey Parcel service is the go to source for the people of Kerala and nearby cities. It provides Parcel service and cargo all across the country. Now with their latest APS tracking service, you can track your parcels during the shipment and get rid of worries relating the transit.

APS tracking

APS Contact Number

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APS Parcel Company Details

APS was founded by Mr. T.T. Kuruvilla, who brought extensive experience from global supply chain management and logistics firms. Established nearly thirty years ago, APS quickly became a key player in the transportation industry due to Kuruvilla’s hands-on knowledge and expertise.

APS Parcel thrives on innovation, reliability, and a commitment to excellence. Their dynamic management approach, technological advancements, consistent vehicle maintenance, and information sharing among team members set them apart from competitors. APS’s fleet includes over 400 trucks operating throughout India, supported by efficient booking and delivery offices in prime locations.

Services Offered by APS

APS offers a wide range of transportation and logistics services:

1. Cargo Reefer

Cargo reefer services transport perishable goods in refrigerated containers, maintaining a controlled temperature to ensure freshness and safety.

2.Cargo Project

Cargo project services handle oversized or heavy shipments, involving detailed planning and specialized equipment for industries like construction and energy.

3. Intermodal Solutions

Intermodal solutions use multiple transportation modes (rail, road, sea) for efficient, cost-effective long-distance shipments, offering flexible routing options.

Storage and Warehousing

Storage and warehousing services provide secure facilities for storing goods, including inventory management and order fulfillment, using advanced tracking technology.

4. Trading in Pairs

Trading in pairs involves buying and selling related securities simultaneously to capitalize on price differentials, commonly used in financial markets for hedging or profit.

5. eBusiness

eBusiness covers online business activities, including sales, supply chain management, and customer service, utilizing digital tools for efficiency and engagement.

6. Third-Party Logistics

Third-party logistics (3PL) providers offer outsourced logistics services like transportation and warehousing, enhancing efficiency and flexibility for businesses.

7. Priority Mail

Priority mail services offer expedited shipping for time-sensitive deliveries, ensuring fast and reliable arrival within specified timeframes.

APS Branches  

APS tracking has their branches all over the country. Some of them are given with contact details:

Branch LocationAddressPhone
APS TrivandrumPO, TV Nagar, Pangodu, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695006, India+91 471 235 8242
APS PalarivattomThammanam Rd, Palarivattom, opposite Hestia Medicare, Palarivattom, Kerala 682025, India+91 94460 06385
APS Transport Mumbai9, Frere Rd, Dana Bandar, Mandvi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400009, India+91 477 2240900
Alleppey parcel service ChennaiN.o-23, Lawyer Chinnathambi Street, Kondithope, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600079, India+91 98411 67816

How to Track APS Parcel

APS Parcel tracking is a straightforward process that ensures you stay informed about the whereabouts of your shipments. Follow these simple steps to track your APS cargo online:

  1. Find the GC Number from the Receipt: Each APS cargo shipment comes with a unique GC (Goods Consignment) number. Locate this number on your receipt or shipping documentation.
  2. Enter the GC Number in the Tracker: Find the empty box above. Enter the GC number accurately into the box and copy the number which you’ve inserted.
  3. Click on the “TRACK” Button: Once you have entered the GC number, hit the “TRACK” button to initiate the tracking process. You’ll be redirected to the APS tracking system. Now, paste the copied number and click on the “Track” button again. It will then display all tracking information associated with your shipment.

What is APS parcel Tracking?

It’s an advanced system that allows customers to monitor the status and progress of their APS cargo shipments. It provides real-time tracking updates, giving you the peace of mind of knowing where your package is at any given moment.

Features of APS Tracking

  • APS Tracking Number: Each shipment is assigned a unique APS tracking number, allowing you to follow its journey.
  • APS Parcel Tracking: Monitor the status and location of your parcel throughout the delivery process.
  • Alleppey Parcel Service Tracking: Ensure your consignment is on track and delivered on time.
  • APS Container Tracking: Track large shipments and containers with ease using the APS tracking system.
  • APS Logistics Tracking: Get detailed updates on your logistics and shipments for better management.


APS prides itself on superior and reliable transportation support services. They pioneered this customer-centric approach when many transportation companies hesitated to engage directly with clients. APS values providing high-quality services and timely assistance, earning them a loyal customer base. APS’s automated report generation and enterprise solution system enable detailed reporting and client-specific data requests. .

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