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Tracking your parcels and mails has never been easier with Asendia Tracking. Asendia, a global leader in cross-border commerce solutions, offers a seamless tracking experience for customers worldwide. Whether you’re in the USA, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, or anywhere else, Asendia ensures that your shipments are monitored every step of the way.

Asendia Contact Number

+1 (610) 461-3661  | [email protected] |

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Asendia USA Company Details

Established in 2012 by La Poste and Swiss Post, Asendia has quickly become a trusted name in the logistics industry. With operations spanning across four continents and a workforce of over 1,500 employees, Asendia combines international expertise with local knowledge to provide reliable and sustainable shipping solutions.

Services Offered By Asendia Tracking USA

Asendia offers a wide range of services tailored to meet the needs of e-commerce retailers and businesses globally. From parcel delivery to mail solutions, Asendia Tracking has you covered. Their e-PAQ parcel solutions ensure that your international shipments reach their destination safely and efficiently. Plus, with 100% carbon-neutral returns solutions like e-PAQ Returns, Asendia prioritizes sustainability without compromising on quality.

e-PAQ Parcel Solutions:

Asendia’s e-PAQ parcel solutions ensure that your international shipments reach their destination safely and efficiently.

e-PAQ Returns:

With 100% carbon-neutral returns solutions like e-PAQ Returns, Asendia prioritizes sustainability without compromising on quality.

Mail Solutions:

Asendia’s Mail Solutions are designed to maximize your budget with specific solutions for Marketing Mail, Business Mail, and Publications.

Asendia Locations

With 32 global locations and operations in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, Asendia has a vast network to serve customers worldwide. Whether you’re shipping to France, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, or any other destination, Asendia’s presence ensures smooth and timely deliveries.

  • China: Optimized mail and parcel delivery solutions tailored for efficient and reliable shipping to China.
  • Singapore: Efficient mail and parcel delivery services, with integrated logistics center for swift shipping in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Japan: Parcel and mail solutions to tap into the lucrative Japanese e-commerce market, leveraging Asendia’s expertise.
  • France: Leveraging La Poste’s infrastructure for seamless mail and parcel delivery services to France.
  • Switzerland: Access to leading delivery services in Switzerland, tapping into the country’s high-spending population.
  • United Kingdom: Convenient hub at London Heathrow Airport for efficient mail and parcel distribution across the UK.
  • Germany: Extensive subsidiary network providing both delivery services and market insights in Germany.
  • Benelux: Full range of mail and parcel services available in Belgium, the Netherlands, and neighboring countries.
  • Italy: Growing e-commerce shipments handled with ease through Asendia’s operations and fulfillment center in Italy.
  • Ireland: Premium partnership with An Post for cost-effective and reliable mail and parcel delivery services.
  • Norway: Expertise in customs and trends, coupled with a range of mail and parcel services tailored for Norway.
  • Sweden & Denmark: Local presence in Stockholm and Copenhagen, combined with efficient transport solutions for seamless deliveries.
  • Russia: Trusted carriers and local knowledge ensure successful distribution of mail and parcels across Russia.
  • Israel: Capitalize on Israel’s growing online shopping demand with reliable delivery services tailored for cross-border success.

Asendia Tracking Services:

Asendia tracking services provide you with peace of mind throughout the shipping process. With our advanced tracking platform, you can easily monitor the status of your parcels in real-time, from dispatch to delivery. Our user-friendly interface allows you to conveniently track multiple shipments at once, ensuring that you stay informed every step of the way. Whether you’re shipping domestically or internationally, our tracking services offer transparency and visibility, allowing you to manage your shipments with confidence. 

Asendia USA Tracking: For customers in the USA, We offer reliable tracking services to monitor your shipments from origin to destination. With our USA Tracking, you can stay informed about the status of your parcels and mails effortlessly.

Asendia UK Tracking: Similarly, customers in the UK can benefit from the tracking services tailored to their region. You can track your shipments with ease and confidence.

Asendia Hong Kong Tracking: For customers in Hong Kong, We provide efficient tracking solutions to ensure transparency and accountability throughout the shipping process. With Hong Kong Tracking, you can monitor your parcels and mails seamlessly.

Asendia Tracking Canada: Customers in Canada can rely on this website’s tracking services to keep tabs on their shipments. WithTracking Canada service, you can track your parcels and mails hassle-free.

Asendia e-PAQ parcel

Asendia’s e-PAQ parcel solutions are designed to streamline your international shipping experience. Whether you’re a small business or a large retailer, e-PAQ offers tailored delivery and return solutions to meet your specific needs.

Tailored Delivery Solutions:

Asendia’s e-PAQ parcel solutions offer tailored delivery options to meet your specific shipping needs. From basic milestone tracking to fully-tracked and fast delivery services, e-PAQ ensures that your parcels reach their destination efficiently and reliably.

Sustainable Shipping Options:

With a focus on sustainability, e-PAQ provides 100% carbon-neutral shipping solutions. Choose e-PAQ Returns for environmentally friendly return options without compromising on quality or reliability.

Global Reach:

e-PAQ offers global delivery solutions, ensuring that your parcels can reach customers in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. With operations on four continents, e-PAQ provides reliable shipping services wherever your customers are located.

Flexible Packaging Options:

e-PAQ offers flexible packaging options to suit the needs of your shipments. From small packets to larger parcels, e-PAQ can accommodate a variety of package sizes and weights.

Value-added Services:

In addition to standard delivery options, e-PAQ offers value-added services such as returns management, fulfillment, and lettershop services. Enhance your shipping experience with these additional features to meet the needs of your business and customers.

Asendia Customer Service

For inquiries or assistance regarding tracking, shipping, or any other services, feel free to reach out to Asendia’s customer service team. You can contact them via phone at (800) 624-5287 or email at [email protected]

Contact Information
Customer Support Phone Number(800) 624-5287
Customer Support Email[email protected] 
Visiting Address9, rue du Colonel Pierre Avia (CP Y805), 75 757 Paris Cedex 15, France
Telephone Number0080088877700 
Fax Number+41586676220
Email Address[email protected] 
Data Protection Email[email protected]


Whether you’re shipping locally or internationally, We offers a convenient and reliable way to monitor your parcels and mails. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and sustainability, Asendia continues to set the standard for cross-border shipping solutions. Experience peace of mind with Our Tracking for all your shipping needs.

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