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Introduction to PCCS Tracking

India stands tall as a country with a massive business turnover, surpassing many super economic giants. In such a thriving economy, efficient transportation and logistics are indispensable for all stakeholders. A key player in this domain is PCCS Courier, also known as Prakash Courier & Cargo. 

When it comes to shipments and deliveries, having a reliable tracking tool becomes essential for tracing consignments. PCCS Logistics tracking has revolutionized the way we handle our courier shipments, providing us with seamless PCCS tracking capabilities. This article discusses PCCS Tracking and its cutting-edge courier services, benefits, and the specialized solutions it offers to the medical industry.

Why choose PCCS?

Comprehensive Services: PCCS tracking offers a wide range of services including air freight, train freight and warehousing which will be discussed later.  Whether it’s urgent documents or bulk shipments, PCCS has the right solution for every need.

Specialization in Medical Equipment: Medical organizations rely on PCCS Tracking’s expertise in handling delicate medical equipment with utmost care. Their trained dispatchers ensure seamless handling and transportation without any mishaps.

Efficient Online Tracking: PCCS tracking is a user-friendly online tracking system that allows customers to access real-time updates on their parcels’ status and location. 

How to Track PCCS Courier Packages

Easily track your PCCS parcels with a simple process. Follow these steps to get your shipment’s live status:

  1. Locate the PCCS tracking number on your Courier receipt.
  2. Enter the tracking number in the provided box above, copy it, and click on the “Track” button.
  3. You will be redirected to a live tracking page; paste the tracking number there and submit.
  4. Here is the updated tracking status of your shipment.

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PCCS Courier & Cargo Services

It offers a wide range of efficient and reliable services to meet the diverse needs of its customers. From air cargo to warehousing and packaging solutions, PCCS Courier stands as a one-stop logistics powerhouse, ensuring seamless deliveries and utmost customer satisfaction. 

1. Air Cargo

Experience the swiftest and most reliable mode of transportation with PCCS Courier’s air freight service. Although slightly expensive, air cargo guarantees prompt deliveries, positively impacting your brand’s credibility.

In addition, They have a robust network of dedicated CRM teams and offices at major airports, ensuring the secure and timely delivery of your goods. Prakash air freight courier tracking facility and transparent pricing make PCCS air cargo the preferred choice for businesses and individuals alike. 

2. Train Cargo

For a cost-effective and efficient mode of transportation, PCCS Courier’s train freight service is the ideal solution. With separate train hubs at each station, PCCS tracking maintains precise control over cargo, ensuring scheduled deliveries without delays. 

The operation team’s expertise in handling time-sensitive consignments adds to the reliability of PCCS train cargo service. Benefit from customized premium train cargo spaces and experience hassle-free logistics solutions with PCCS.

3. Surface Express Cargo

Efficiently transfer your goods through roadways using PCCS Courier’s surface express cargo service. The Hub and Spoke system streamlines cargo dispatch, and their extensive dispatch network ensures nationwide delivery.

With a focus on safety and security, PCCS employs leak-proof and GPS-enabled containers to protect your cargo from extreme weather conditions. From small parcels to large shipments, their proficient team guarantees on-time deliveries and 100% customer satisfaction.

4. Warehousing

PCCS Courier has a dedicated warehousing service to store your goods safely. Strategically located warehouses across the country enable them to reach any destination promptly. 

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and CCTV surveillance, PCCS warehouses ensure the protection of your valuable cargo. Means you can avail cost-efficient distribution solutions and import/export services with their reliable warehousing facility.

5. Packaging Solutions

The art of packaging is perfected by PCCS Courier, providing utmost care and support to your goods during transit. From fragile items to heavy cargo, their diverse packing solutions ensure the safe delivery of every item. 

Utilizing advanced technologies and rigid packaging materials, PCCS guarantees secure handling of your consignments. Their value-added services cater to specific client requirements, and client satisfaction remains the paramount goal at PCCS.

PCCS Specializes in Medical Equipment and Supplies

Ensuring Safe Transport of Medical Equipment

PCCS takes pride in its specialized handling of medical equipment. From delicate machinery coming straight from the manufacturer’s production line to crucial test equipment moving between laboratories, PCCS Tracking dispatchers are experts at carefully loading, shipping, and unloading clinical gear, leaving no room for mishaps.

Swift Delivery of Medical Supplies

Medical organizations often face challenges with timely access to crucial supplies. PCCS steps in to expedite the process by providing rapid delivery of clinical spare parts and equipment. With their ability to collect and deliver quickly at any time of day or night, it plays a vital role in streamlining the diagnosis and treatment processes for medical facilities.

The Vision and Mission of PCCS

A Commitment to Excellence

At the core of PCCS Tracking’s philosophy lies its vision to be “on time” and “safe.” This commitment to punctuality and safety underpins all their operations, especially in the medical sector, where timing is critical for patient care.

Core Values That Drive Success

PCCS Courier Tracking is guided by a set of core values that form the bedrock of their success. These values include unwavering reliability, strong ethics, responsiveness, and a commitment to perfection. PCCS believes in empowering its customers through innovative solutions that cater to their specific needs.

PCCS Company Details

As one of the most established and strategic freight organizations in India, PCCS operates as Planned Operations Private Restricted, serving both private and public limited companies. With a widespread office network in major cities across the country, they provide exceptional messenger, field, and freight services. 

PCCS Logistics pvt ltd holds registrations under 5 different GST numbers in various states. Below is the list of associated GST numbers and the respective states:

GST NumberState
07AAHCP5216D1ZOPrakash courier Delhi
33AAHCP5216D1ZTTamil Nadu

PCCS Courier Branches

PCCS has strategically set up an extensive office network across all major cities in India, ensuring exceptional accessibility and efficiency. With a strong presence in key locations such as New Delhi, Bangalore, Surat, Ahmedabad, and other major cities, PCCS ensures seamless coordination and timely delivery of shipments. Below are some of the notable PCCS Courier Branches spread across the country:

1. Branch: New Delhi

Contact Person: P.C. Chopra

Address: Office No. C62, NDSE Part I, South Extension Part I, Delhi – 110049

2. Branch: Mumbai

Contact Person: Balaji

Address: Shop No. 5, Narayan Building, Kalyan Road, Bhiwandi, Mumbai – 421308

These well-established branches serve as vital nodes in the PCCS courier network, contributing to their reputation for reliable and efficient delivery services.

PCCS Courier Customer Care Information

At PCCS, customer satisfaction is the key. They have a highly responsive and dedicated customer care team available round-the-clock to provide prompt and reliable information about your shipments.

PCCS Tracking Customer Care Number +91 11 2464 5876, +91 44 6563 3666, +91 44 4863 3455

Email: [email protected]

Official Address: 21, Prem Nagar Markert Opp Thygraj Stadium New Delhi. Pincode – 110003

Official Website: http://pccscargo.com/

PCCS Courier Charges – Price Calculator

Similar to other cargo services, the PCCS cargo charges are determined based on the size and weight of the consignment, in addition to the distance it needs to be transported. The assessment considers either the gross weight of the goods or the dimensional or volume weight, whichever is higher. The chargeable weight is represented in fractions of kilograms, such as 0.25 kg or 0.50 kg, and can extend up to 9999 kg.

The calculation takes into account the weight of the cargo in relation to the space it occupies. The following formulas used for calculating the Volumetric Weight:

PCCS Courier Charges

The dimensions of the goods are rounded off to the nearest whole number.

The chargeable weight will be based on the higher value between the volumetric weight and the actual weight of the cargo.

Final Verdict

PCCS Tracking is a game-changer in the logistics industry. By offering real-time tracking and specialized handling of medical equipment and supplies, it empowers businesses and individuals alike to ensure seamless and reliable deliveries. With its commitment to excellence, innovative technology, and customer-centric approach, PCCS tracking stands tall as a leader in the realm of logistics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! PCCS Tracking specializes in handling medical equipment, ensuring safe and timely deliveries for the healthcare industry.

To contact PCCS Logistics Private Limited in Bangalore, you can use the following contact information:
Phone: +91 80 2258 1555
Address: No.1, 2nd Floor, 2nd Cross, Sudhamanagar, Bangalore. Pin code – 560027.

Yes, PCCS offers same-day deliveries for various sectors, including medical, manufacturing, legal, and banking, among others.

Regrettably, the accurate count of Prakash Courier & Cargo Services branches in India remains unspecified due to their ongoing expansion across the nation

Prakash Courier & Cargo services.

Tracking your PCCS shipment is simple. Just enter your unique tracking number in the given field, and you’ll get instant updates on the status of your parcel.

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