Seabreeze Cargo Tracking

Seabreeze Cargo, a pioneer logistics and cargo service company. It provides a real-time Seabreeze Cargo tracking solution to stay aware of your shipments every time during transit. You can track your cargos by entering the tracking number in the above field.

Seabreeze Cargo Tracking

Seabreeze Cargo Contact Number

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Seabreeze Cargo Company Details

Seabreeze Logistics is a leading multinational logistics company with over 27 years of experience in providing transportation and supply chain management solutions. With a global network of more than 50 offices and a fleet of over 70 vehicles, it offers efficient and reliable logistics services to businesses worldwide. Seabreeze Logistics dedicate time and expertise to thoroughly understanding your business, which is crucial for developing tailored strategies to enhance your supply chain. It takes full accountability for the performance of the suppliers and diligently ensure the availability of necessary resources and equipment to effectively control and manage the flow of goods within the purview.

How to Track Seabreeze Cargo?

Follow these simple steps to track your Sea Breeze Cargo online:

  1. Find the GC Number from the Receipt: Each Seabreeze Cargo shipment comes with a unique GC (Goods Consignment) number. Locate this number on your receipt or shipping documentation.
  2. Enter the GC Number in the Tracker: Find the empty box above. Enter the GC number accurately into the box and copy the number that you’ve inserted.
  3. Click on the “TRACK” Button: Once you have entered the GC number, hit the “TRACK” button to initiate the tracking process. You’ll be redirected to the Seabreeze transport tracking system. Now, Paste the copied number and click on the Track Button again. It will then display all tracking information associated with your shipment.

Services Offered Seabreeze Cargo Tracking

1. Air Freight

Seabreeze Cargo Tracking Logistics takes pride in delivering excellence in air freight services. Their unmatched speed, reliability, and tailored solutions elevate your cargo experience beyond expectations.

2. Sea Freight

With over 26+ years of expertise in ocean freight and vessel operations, Seabreeze Cargo Tracking Logistics commits to delivering your cargo with unwavering confidence, backed by a wealth of industry experience.

3. Surface Transport

As your trusted partner for comprehensive land transport solutions, Seabreeze cargo tracking brings over 26+ years of integrated carrier experience to ensure efficient movement of goods.

4. E-commerce

Seabreeze Cargo Tracking is your premier partner for E-commerce shipping services, offering unparalleled expertise to meet the unique demands of E-commerce logistics.

5. Customs Brokerage

They excel at streamlining global commerce through expert customs brokerage, ensuring seamless customs clearance for your international shipments.

6. Project Logistics

Seabreeze Logistics is your strategic partner in delivering complex and large-scale projects with precision and efficiency, pioneering project logistics for unmatched efficiency.

7. Warehousing

With state-of-the-art warehousing facilities strategically located, Seabreeze Logistics provides seamless storage and distribution solutions for businesses of all sizes.

8. Cross Trade

Explore new horizons in international commerce with Seabreeze Logistics, ensuring efficient and secure transportation of goods between non-domestic markets.

9. Documentation

Their commitment to precision and accuracy in managing logistics documentation is unparalleled, ensuring a streamlined and efficient supply chain.

Seabreeze Cargo Tracking Branches

Seabreeze has multiple branches across the United Arab Emirates. Few of them are listed below with their contact details:

Seabreeze cargo Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi Madinat Zayed , Opp Madinat Zayed Shopping Center – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates+971 2 635 0777
Seabreeze cargo Bur DubaiShop no 7, Melek/belong , Abdul wahad Ahmed rashid Bin Shabib Bardabi big market Near Al Fahdi Souk Mall – Dubai+971 4 353 7967
Seabreeze cargo DubaiAl Quoz Industrial Area 4 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates+971 4 323 3604
Seabreeze cargo Ajman67 S105 Near Grand Mall – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates+971 6 556 5578

Seabreeze Air Cargo Tracking

Seabreeze Air Cargo Tracking facilitates seamless monitoring of your shipments, ensuring transparency and efficiency in logistics management. With user-friendly interfaces and robust tracking systems, clients can easily trace their cargo’s journey from origin to destination. This service empowers customers with real-time updates, enhancing their peace of mind and confidence in the delivery process. Seabreeze’s commitment to innovation and reliability shines through its air cargo tracking solution, providing a smooth and hassle-free experience for all clients. 

Seabreeze cargo price

Item CategoryRate (AED per kg)
Commercial itemsAED 40.00
Personal household items 30.500 kg to 40 kgAED 20.00
Personal household items 41 kg to 50 kgAED 21.00
Personal household items 50+ kgAED 23.00

Seabreeze cargo offer

Seabreeze Logistics excels in domestic and international shipping, ensuring seamless delivery within the country and across borders. Their array of service options, including Express Cargo, Budget Cargo, and Sea Cargo, caters to varying needs regarding speed and shipment size. For added convenience, a rate calculator tool on their website enables clients to estimate shipping costs, streamlining the logistics process and enhancing customer experience.

Seabreeze Cargo Owner

Based on the vision of Rasheed Ali Pulikkal, Breeze Holdings started in the cargo industry with Seabreeze Cargo Tracking and Couriers in 1996. Over the years, the company has been a pioneer in the industry across the GCC and India, covering both domestic and international services. With over two decades in business, Breeze Holdings has delivered more than 12 million packages across more than 75 countries, through over 100 delivery outlets, and handled more than 3,000 live shipments.


Seabreeze Logistics, tracking your cargo has never been easier. Their dedication to customer satisfaction, coupled with their innovative solutions and extensive expertise, makes them the premier choice for all your logistics needs. Experience the difference with Seabreeze Logistics today.

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