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Associated Road Carriers Limited (ARC) stands tall as a leader in the logistics and transport industry. With a history dating back to 1972, this ISO 9001-2015-accredited giant has evolved into a corporate powerhouse, specializing in surface transport. What sets ARC apart is not just its extensive network, but its innovative ARC Tracking service that lets you keep tabs on your parcels in real time.

Introduction to ARC Tracking Service

Imagine being able to track your parcels as they journey from one destination to another, ensuring that you’re always in the loop about their progress. This is exactly what ARC Tracking details offer – a cutting-edge solution that leverages technology to provide a live overview of your shipments.

How to Track my ARC Parcel?

Each package comes with a unique ARC tracking number that serves as your ticket to real-time information. Simply enter this tracking number on the field above the website, and press the “Track shipment” button. Now you’ll get insight into your parcel’s whereabouts after entering the arc parcel service tracking number.

The Significance of ARC Tracking

ARC Transport Tracking isn’t just about knowing where your package is; it’s about putting you in control. With over 3,500 vehicles on the roads covering a staggering million kilometers daily, ARC’s commitment to efficient delivery is amplified by its tracking service. You can manage your expectations, plan ahead, and stay informed, all contributing to a seamless experience.

ARC Tracking

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Associated Road Carriers Limited Company Details

ARC’s journey started in 1972 with a group of passionate professionals aiming to revolutionize service in the surface transport industry. As the logistics industry evolves, ARC courier tracking has become a giant. Its dedication to operational expertise, financial strength, and customer-centricity has propelled it to a turnover of 15,000 Crores, transporting over 3 million tons of cargo annually.

A R C On Schedule

ARC On Schedule is a game-changing courier service that seamlessly bridges the gap between traditional transport and express cargo options. Offering a nationwide, swift, and high-quality service, it stands out with prices up to 30% more affordable than leading express market alternatives.

This service ensures on-schedule and secure delivery, fostering trust by addressing customer demands for reliability. By reaching every corner of the Indian Sub-Continent, ARC On Schedule redefines logistics and underscores ARC’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

ARC Courier GST Info

The company ensures transparency by providing GST details, ensuring that businesses can operate with full knowledge of the tax implications on their shipments. Active GST Numbers of Arc Parcel Service Private Limited are given below:

37AACCA4389D1ZPAndhra Pradesh
33AACCA4389D1ZXTamil Nadu

ARC Transport Near me

ARC’s dominance is underpinned by its wide-reaching branches. With over 580 owned outlets in 400 cities, ARC’s presence is felt across the nation. This expansive network facilitates efficient and seamless parcel movement, underscoring their commitment to excellence.

To facilitate your access to the nearest branch, we have conveniently compiled an ARC Branch list for your reference:

SECUNDERABAD7995000508, 040 – 49533466[email protected]
KOLKATA033 – 40253521, 033 – 40253522[email protected]
AHMEDABAD7046092506, 9377961112[email protected]
BENGALURU080 – 46601800, 7995000329[email protected]
CHENNAI044 – 28524669, 7995579965[email protected]
DELHI011 – 43590012, 7995000418[email protected]
HYDERABAD040 – 23387861, 7995000530[email protected]
KOLKATA033 – 40253521, 033 – 40253522[email protected]
MUMBAI022 – 61233099, 7995000237[email protected]

Other courier branches include: 

  • ARC Nelamangala
  • ARC parcel service Chidambaram
  • ARC transport Dharwad

ARC Courier Services

From handling small parcels to managing heavy, odd-dimensional cargo, ARC tracking capabilities are diverse. Industries such as power, steel, cement, petrochemicals, and more rely on ARC’s expertise for their logistics solutions. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in the array of services they offer:

1. Parcel Delivery Services:

ARC’s core strength lies in parcel delivery. From small packages to large consignments, they offer a range of options to ensure timely and secure delivery. With a fleet of vehicles covering over a million kilometers daily, ARC’s parcel delivery services are designed to meet various requirements.

2. Specialized Cargo Transportation:

For industries dealing with heavy, odd-dimensional, or specialized cargo, ARC’s expertise shines. They provide tailored solutions for transporting challenging cargo, ensuring safe and efficient delivery. Their specialized trailers and vehicles are equipped to handle diverse cargo types.

3. Project Transportation:

ARC takes on the complexities of project transportation, catering to industries like power, steel, and more. They manage the logistics of transporting materials and equipment for projects of varying scales, ensuring on-time and hassle-free delivery.

4. Container Movement & Port Clearance:

With its finger on the pulse of international trade, ARC facilitates container movement and port clearance services. Their expertise in navigating the intricacies of customs regulations and port operations ensures seamless container transportation.

5. Express Cargo Services:

ARC bridges the gap between conventional transport and express cargo with their innovative Express Cargo service. Offering quick and quality service, this option is ideal for businesses and individuals seeking efficient delivery with cost-effective solutions.

6. Door Collection & Door Delivery:

Understanding the need for convenience, ARC provides door collection and door delivery services. Regardless of weight and size, they ensure that your parcels are collected from your location and delivered to the recipient’s doorstep, minimizing hassle.

7. COD/DOD Collection Facility:

For businesses dealing with cash-on-delivery or delivery-on-demand services, ARC offers a COD/DOD collection facility. This streamlined process ensures that payments are collected securely and efficiently, enhancing customer satisfaction.

8. Consignment Tracking:

ARC parcel service waybill tracking system is one of the standout features of ARC tracking. Each parcel is assigned a unique tracking number, allowing senders and recipients to monitor their shipments in real-time, enhancing transparency and confidence.

ARC Customer Service Number

Customer satisfaction is paramount, and ARC leaves no stone unturned to ensure a seamless experience. With dedicated ARC customer care services, your queries, concerns, and requirements are met promptly, adding to the trust and reliability that ARC represents.

ARC transport contact number: 033 – 40253535, 30122412

Email: [email protected]


Official Website:


ARC tracking emerges as a pioneer in the modern logistics landscape. With their ARC Tracking service, they not only transport parcels but also empower you with control and visibility over your shipments. From its rich history to its extensive branch network, ARC embodies reliability, professionalism, and innovation, redefining the way we perceive courier services.

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